Moyo and Mugie

Help From the Heart

Furthering healthcare, education, and conservation in Laikipia, Kenya.

Women's Healthcare

It's critical for all women to have access to resources so that they feel empowered and informed to make a choice about their own bodies and their own lives. Access to family planning resources allows them to make a decision about how many children to have and how often. Spacing out their pregnancies is not only beneficial to the woman's own health, but also enables them to take better care of, and educate, the children they do have. This starts a cycle of empowerment and education, as it builds positive attitudes about conservation and environmental conscientiousness.

In collaboration with Mugie and Ekorian, Moyo is helping to deliver women's healthcare to rural communities that lie outside the reach of urban medical facilities. These Women's Health Outreach Clinics deliver family planning resources and information, maternity care, and in collaboration with The Grace Cup, bring about a new wave of empowerment with sustainable menstrual healthcare. See a gallery of photos from our women's healthcare projects, here. 

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One of Moyo's core beliefs is that the conservation of wildlife, and our wild places, is critical to the survival of all living things.  We have three projects tackling the most critical conservation challenges at Mugie - you can read more about them below.

Wildlife Corridors

As a main road transecting Mugie is being paved, it is vital that we build wildlife corridors so that animals can continue to move safely through their range. There are several rare and endangered species that live at Mugie, and to restrict their range for feeding and breeding, would be deadly. Thus we are campaigning for several road-level wildlife corridors, as well as two overland bridges.


It's All About You, Honey

In collaboration with Ekorian, we are promoting sustainable honey. Our 'It's All About You, Honey,' is harvested so as not to bring harm to bees or trees. We connect pastoralists with a market for their bee-friendly and eco-conscious honey, creating a cycle of economic empowerment, as well as adding value to trees (so people won't cut them for charcoal). Bee hives suspended in trees  have the added bonus of protecting those trees from elephant damage - elephants hate bees. This honey raises awareness of the fact that bees are critical to the survival of all living things. 

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Saving the Cheetah

We were able to pinpoint several precise areas where animals crossed the road because of the collared cheetah that resides on Mugie. His radio collar has allowed for a long-term study of his movement and behavior, showing us where he crosses the road. In addition, the collar, and knowing his proximity to Mugie's boundary with pastoralists, has allowed us to help mitigate the human-wildlife conflict by informing them of the need to move their livestock. Check out our blog about the cheetah brothers.

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Education is key to building a sustainable future. We feel that widening access to education as well as broadening the information available, to include topics like health, hygiene and conservation, is very important. Thus, we've started a program for full and partial scholarships for school children. Moyo also supports the special needs students at Mugie School and works to spread awareness and information about conservation and health through forums, documentary screenings, and more. Click here for a video about the Mugie School. If you are interested in making a donation to support a scholarship and ensure the education for a child, please visit our donation page or email us for more information.


Click on the image for a gallery of our education photos.

Healthy Kids

Our weekly 'Healthy Kids' classes at the Mugie School are a collaboration between Mugie, Ekorian, and Moyo. Mugie's nurse, Jedidah, Moyo's directors, and the team at Ekorian teach about hygiene, self-esteem, wildlife conservation, and everything in between!

Outreach Health Clinics

Our outreach clinics bring healthcare to rural communities that wouldn't otherwise have access. Mugie's nurse is able to diagnose and treat, refer and counsel. The clinics are a collaboration between MugieEkorian's Mugie Camp, and Moyo. We are currently raising funds for a vehicle that will allow us to go further, more often, and more easily. Find out more by watching our mobile healthcare video.