Our Vision

Our vision is to empower our global community to help create a world that values the environment, gender equality, and access to healthcare and education, in pursuit of a sustainable and healthy future for all.

Our Values

Empowerment // Empower people to pursue a happy, healthy, fulfilling life by helping them access the skills, education, confidence, and mindset, needed to do so

Education // Enable access to education - whether scholastic, economic, environmental, and health/hygiene/nutrition

Environmental Conscientiousness // Foster an understanding of how critical it is to preserve our natural world and live a sustainable life

Engagement // Further the engagement of a global community and encourage individuals to adopt a more collective mindset based on the knowledge that the empowerment of one person is the empowerment of others

The Moyo Team

Moyo is an entirely volunteer-run organization. We cherish the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of fellow humans, the wildlife we help to preserve and protect, and the precious environment. 


Jedidah Maina
Mugie's Nurse

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Margaret Njuguna
Community and Tourism Coordinator


Anne Wambui
Mugie's Records Officer


Donna Perrett
Co-founder & Kenyan Director


Lizzie Odegaard
Co-founder & Development Director


Amy Hardberger
Development Advisor