Our Vision

Our vision is to empower our global community to help create a world that values the environment, gender equality, and access to healthcare and education, in pursuit of a sustainable and healthy future for all.

Our Values

Empowerment // Empower people to pursue a happy, healthy, fulfilling life by helping them access the skills, education, confidence, and mindset, needed to do so

Education // Enable access to education - whether scholastic, economic, environmental, and health/hygiene/nutrition

Environmental Conscientiousness // Foster an understanding of how critical it is to preserve our natural world and live a sustainable life

Engagement // Further the engagement of a global community and encourage individuals to adopt a more collective mindset based on the knowledge that the empowerment of one person is the empowerment of others

The Moyo Team

Moyo is an entirely volunteer-run organization. We cherish the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of fellow humans, the wildlife we help to preserve and protect, and the precious environment. 


Lizzie Odegaard - Co-Founder and Director

Lizzie and co-founder, Donna, started The Moyo Foundation with a mind to build a grassroots, non-profit organization that works locally and tailors projects and solutions to the community and area that it works in. After spending several years at Mugie (on and off) Lizzie is more in love with this precious part of Kenya than ever, and loves being part of an organization that truly makes a difference.


Donna Perrett - Co-Founder and Kenyan Logistics Director

Donna was born and raised in Kenya. Her experience of management and logistics is vast, and she has a  passion for conservation and charitable work. As the co-owner and manager of Ekorian's Mugie Camp, and an integral part of Mugie, she is vital to Moyo and we couldn't do it without her.


Jedidah - Mugie Nurse and Community Liaison

Jedidah has a passion for conservation and the link it has with healthcare and education. She is a treasured member of the Moyo team, and vital to the outreach clinics and Healthy Kids classes at the Mugie School. We are thrilled to be working and collaborating with her!


Margaret - Community Liaison

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Ann - Mugie CBO Records & Bookkeeping

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Amy Hardberger - Member of Board of Directors

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Jenny Halton - UK Ambassador

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Amanda BOD.jpg

Amanda Barney - Member of Board of Directors

Amanda fell in love with Mugie when she first stepped foot on its sunburnt soil. A passion for equity and equal access to education, paired with an innate sense of caring for others and working toward a greater good, make her a wonderful fit for Moyo. She is a wonderful addition to the team and we are lucky to have her on board!


Sophie Odegaard - Member of Board of Directors

Sophie has a creative, and artistic, eye for detail and a way of thinking outside-of-the-box. She has a love of travel, a background in anthropology and diversity studies, and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling.


Jake Morgan - Member of Board of Directors

With a degree in international/global studies, a background in volunteer work in Kenya, and a passion for helping others, Jake is a true global advocate. Coming from a career in communications and leadership he brings a lot of great experience to Moyo, along with his desire to be a force of good in the world. He is very happy to be part of Moyo and to be able to lend a hand, and we are thrilled to have him on board.


Adrianna Collins - Member of Board of Directors

After a visit to Kenya and Mugie Ranch in 2015, Adrianna fell in love with the people she met and the place they call home. She was thrilled by the idea of join her long-time friend, Lizzie, and form Moyo. Adrianna brings experience in media, sales, marketing, and design, as well as a passion, enthusiasm, and work-ethic, that make her a real asset to The Moyo Foundation.


Rory Singh - Member of Board of Directors

With a background doing charitable work in many parts of the world (Iceland, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and throughout England - to name just a few) bringing Rory onto the Moyo team was an obvious choice. Rory has a head for logistics and a heart for humanitarian aide. We are incredibly lucky to have him with us at Mugie, and look forward to his help as we grow and expand our programs.